"Ad Finem Fidelis."

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Tak Hou Lo. I'm 18. Likes Community. Adventure Time. Avatar Korra. Bit of LoL every now & then. Avocado. Sorbet. Buffets. Lamb chops. Aloe Vera juice, Slushys & Iced tea. Bike riding and long boarding. op shops and huckstering. Road trips and going on adventures. Swimming. The cove in Red Beach. Fireworks. Making people laugh. Being cheeky. Being myself.

I Reblog places I want to go, cloths that I like, quotes that inspire me, pictures that remind me of great memories, pretty much anything I'm into you'll find on here.

God bless yo!
have yourself a decent day or night.

I was bored and wrote the following enjoy. Be real and raw, be who you're & not who those that surround you want you to be. Have enough self respect to stand up for what you believe in and don't try assimilate into the latest trend or what's cool because when that trend is over who are you going to be next? Just be yourself. Post what you genuinely like and not what you think others will respect you for posting. Have a nice life. ✖✖